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Personalized Gifts: Why You Can’t Go Wrong

RedCityStateFamilySignWe can’t help it. We love a personalized gift. And also, people love when we give them a personalized gift. So it stands to reason, that between us and them, just about everyone appreciates a gift that has been made to represent or reflect them in some way.

Quick disclaimer regarding this post title: Yes, you CAN go wrong. Before you order a personalized gift, be sure you know the gift recipient’s correct size! If you can’t get their size, try to find a non-size-specific personalized gift. And if you’re buying something for a couple, be 100% certain that you know how to (correctly) spell both people’s names and/or last names.

Okay! Time to our 3 favorite customizable gifts (no sizes required!) that you can have engraved or personalized with names, initials, family names, dates, and more!

personalized canvas tote bagPersonalized Tote Bag – Most of the options at our partner, A Gift Personalized, are for the ladies, but there are a few men’s travel kits that you can personalize. The bonus on these canvas tote bags is that you can personalize for ladies no matter their age, hobbies, or favorite color. Extra bonus: this is a practical gift that won’t just sit on a shelf.

Click Here to Customize a Tote Bag or Travel Kit


City & State Family SignPersonalized City & State Canvas Sign – This is a gift for the whole family, or maybe just mom and dad (the kids might not appreciate the lack of toys with this one.) Unlike a lot of the state signs out there, you can actually customize this with the city, including a marking on the graphic and the city written out under the family name. Sweet!

Click Here to Customize a City & State Canvas Sign


Customized NFL GlassesPersonalized NFL Engraved Pint Glasses – This one is mostly for the guys, but we aren’t discounting the rabid female football fans out there! These pint glasses pull double duty, with the gift recipient’s favorite NFL team logo on one side, and their personal initials on the other! We love the little sculpted football on the bottom of the glass, too!

Click to Customize These NFL Glasses for Your Loved Ones


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Gift Ideas for Wine-os (aka wine drinkers)

gift ideas for wine-osOur most popular gift category on is, without a doubt, alcohol and wine gift baskets. Our most popular search on the site? “Wine”.
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Push Presents: The Latest Pregnancy Trend

Pregnant Woman with GiftMaybe we shouldn’t call it a ‘pregnancy’ trend. After all, Push Presents are all about the end of pregnancy, when the mom-to-be does the honorable task of pushing her little bundle of joy out into the world. Either way, push presents are definitely the latest trend in gift giving.

Push presents are gifts that expectant fathers give to their counterpart – the soon-to-pop mom – around the time of the baby’s birth. As the name suggests, push presents are intended to acknowledge the mother’s hard work during childbirth.

There is no hard-and-fast rule about when to actually give a push present. Dads can give push presents either a few days before the baby’s scheduled due date, upon arriving at the hospital, in the delivery room, or shortly after the birth of the baby.

Unlike most gifts that the expectant mother will receive while pregnant, a push present is meant to be something special just for her, not for the baby. Here are our favorite push present ideas:

Sterling Silver Mother & Child Locket. This heart-shaped locket features an engraved image of a mother and child. Perfectly appropriate, beautiful, and can hold a photo of the new baby.

Multi Crystal Tennis Bracelet. A sparkly, colorful bracelet that both mom and baby will adore.

Sterling Silver “Family Promises” Bracelet. The charms on this bracelet represent various aspects of life, love and faith.

Mother & Child Diamond Stud Earrings. These 14k yellow gold earrings are simple yet symbolic of the powerful bond between mother and child.

Sterling Silver Mother & Child Necklace. A slightly more modern version of the mother & child. This necklace also comes in a two-child version, for the couple that is welcoming their second child to the family.

10 Gift Ideas for Wives

Wife GiftsListen up, husbands! We know you hate shopping for your wives. But we also know that you love her and want to make her smile. With that in mind, here are 10 gift ideas that should accomplish just that.

1. Custom Full-color Photo Stud Earrings. Choosing jewelry that she’ll love doesn’t have to be hard – especially if you make it personal! Create custom earrings with a personal photo of the two of you, the kids, the dog, or anything she loves!

2. Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook. What’s better than a practical and whimsical gift all in one? Nothing – and that’s what this smart cookbook accomplishes. She’ll appreciate the humor and maybe cook something great for dinner!

3. Sodastream Fountain Jet Soda Maker Starter Kit. If your wife likes the bubbles in soda but is trying to cut back on calories or money, let her have her treats and save too! She can make bubbles at home for half the cost!

4. O’s Big Book of Happiness. Does your wife love Oprah? Yes? Well, get in line. Here’s a book she’ll love relaxing with over and over again.

5. Sterling Silver Crystal Ball Necklace & Earring Set. Two gifts in one! This earring and necklace set will give her two new pieces she can wear together or separate. Classic silver and black, which goes with everything.

6. For the Love of Coffee Gift Basket. Give your sweet some coffee and sweets! She’ll enjoy the selection of cookies, cakes, and caffeine, plus have a beautiful fabric basket to keep!

7. Polka Dots & Posies Flower Bouquet. No, women don’t NEED flowers. But that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy them when we get them! This pretty bouquet comes in a cute pink vase with polka dot ribbon.

8. White Ice Sterling Silver Diamond Open Bangle Bracelet. This slim, simple bracelet is perfect for any woman – whether she wears a lot of jewelry or not. You’ll add sparkle to her wrist and a smile to her face when she sees it and thinks of you.

9. Crescent Moon Convertible Yoga Tote. This tote bag is so cute that it will be hard for your wife NOT to like it. She can carry it as a regular tote or use it’s mat wrap to carry her yoga or Pilates mat. Easy peasy.

10. Sanuk Women’s Yoga Mat Sandals. Your wife will be impressed by this unique gift – and her feet will be thanking you. What are they? Soft, cushy flip flops made from real yoga mats. Cool!

We hope we solved your gift-giving dilemma. Need more help? User our CustomSniff feature to tell us more about your wife and what she likes – then we’ll give you more ideas!

10 Gift Ideas for Husbands

Husband RingLet’s face it ladies: as picky as we can be, men can be much harder to shop for! While you might have an idea of what YOU want for your husband, a real gift is something HE wants and will enjoy. Here are 10 great gift ideas for husbands.

1. History Channel’s America at War Megaset. There is some truth to the stereotype that men like history. And stuff about battles. This 14 disc set will keep your honey busy for hours; and he’ll learn something, too!

2. Cuisinart 14-Piece Deluxe Grill Set. Not every man can be called a great chef, but every man should have the tools to be a great griller. This grilling set comes in a leather case for added masculinity.

3. Game Time Elite Sports Team Watch. Choose a watch that honors his favorite team. Choose from MLB, NFL, NHL, MLS, NBA, and college teams, and many different watch styles.

4. Men’s Health Magazine Subscription. Here’s a gift that he can relax with every month – each time a new issue comes in the mailbox!

5. Picnic Time 2-in-1 Tailgating Cooler & Grill. Win some major brownie points with your husband and his buddies! A great gift for when they go to the game, and something you can use on a more romantic excursion, too!

6. Metal and Wood Business Card Holder. Support your honey while he’s on the job with this sleek and stylish business card holder. Personalize it by engraving his name and title on it!

7. Swiss Army Knife. It may seem old school, but every man enjoys a gold old fashion pocket knife. Get the original with this iconic red multifunctional tool.

8. GorillaTorch Flashlight. This puppy is way more than a flashlight. This light comes on super bendy legs that make it easy to set this light up in the garage, on a worksite, or at the campground.

9. Sports Team Tablet Sleeve. Keep his tablet safe with a sleeve bearing his favorite professional sports team. Tons of colors and teams to choose from.

10. Sorel Falcon Ridge Suede Slipper. Who says tough guys don’t get cold feet? Keep your hubby’s toes toasty with these sturdy, manly slippers.

Need more help? User our CustomSniff feature to tell us more about your husband and what he likes – then we’ll give you more ideas! You can also browse our Gifts for Him section.

10 Gift Ideas for Mom

Mom TattooNeed tips on selecting a gift for your mother? GiftSniffer cuts to the chase with 10 great ideas:

1. Personalized Charging Station and Desk Organizer. Help mom keep things neat and tidy, plus give her a pretty spot for charging her phone or tablet. This organizer is beautiful, holds a photo (put one in before wrapping it!), and can be personalized with her name or your message.

2. Greenland Home Francesca Throw. This beautiful throw (not a blanket – mom already has tons of those!) is both practical and pretty. Not the right colors? Check out the other patterns by Greenland.

3. Chicken Soup For The Soul Gift Basket. This gift basket includes gourmet sweets and treats for mom to snack on while enjoying a copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Moms Know Best. She can even keep the basket!

4. Sand Dollar Bracelet. There’s something about sand dollars; everybody loves them! This sterling silver bracelet is perfect for the beach loving mom and is a unique gift that will have all of her friends talking!

5. Stylish Embroidered Tablet Sleeve. Tech savvy moms will appreciate this practical tablet sleeve with beautiful embroidery.

6. Blue Topaz Earrings. These blue topaz earrings set in sterling silver are simple and elegant. Perfect for moms of any age and sure to get you a big thank you!

7. Sloggers Rain & Garden Shoes. Moms are practical people, and your mom will love these practical shoes to wear outdoors. Choose from a variety of patterns and sizes!

8. Slow Cooker Revolution Cookbook. A cookbook that can save her time and have great meals? What mom would say no to that?

9. Heated Waterfall Foot Bath. Let mom pamper herself whenever she wants to with this great gift! She’ll appreciate the thought each time she relaxes her tired toes!

10. Personalized Bamboo Family & Friends Photo Tray. Here’s another great gift for mom’s home that can be personalized. You know she loves to show off photos of you, so help a lady out!

There you have it: 10 great gift ideas for mom.

Still not sure? Narrow your options further with our CustomSniff feature or browse Gifts for Her