About GS

GiftSniffer.com is designed to help you find the right gift when you need it. Instead of endlessly browsing thousands of gift options, GiftSniffer (GS) narrows search results to provide you with products customized to your friends and loved ones.

All products featured on GiftSniffer.com can be purchased directly from one of our trusted online merchants. GiftSniffer.com is not responsible for product prices, shipping or delivery, or condition of goods received. When purchasing a product, the purchaser is subject to the merchant’s terms and policies.

Gift giving should be quick, fun, and above all, personal. Don’t just search for a gift – sniff out the right gift with GiftSniffer!

How do you shop Giftsniffer? Any way you choose! Here are a few options: 

1. Use our exclusive CustomSniff© gift finder
Tell us about your gift recipient – who they are and what they like. Giftsniffer will provide you with a list of gifts that best fit the person you described. Browse the list of gifts and when you find something that you like purchase it online directly from trusted retailers.

2. Select a category related to the recipient or occasion
Simply choose a category, occasion, or price point from the menu at the top of each page and shop your paws off

3. Browse around – we encourage it!
With thousands of products to choose from, you’re sure to find a great gift for someone you know – or for yourself!


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